We are a Parent-Governed Non-Profit Preschool

We seek families who are interested in “hands-on” participation in their child’s school. We encourage participation in our school’s daily affairs as well as special events. Parents with children enrolled at The Coop are members of the cooperative and elect a board of directors that establishes policies and hires qualified staff to run the cooperative's day-to-day operations. Besides their role in governance, parents also assist in the operation of the school, organize fundraising events, and provide other support activities.

Co-ops provide a "family of families" to members. Parental involvement is intricately intertwined with a child's intellectual growth and emotional stability. Showing children that education is important to your family creates lasting benefits for children. As parents participate in these programs, they are empowered to be focused and thoughtful about parenting long after the programs conclusion. The benefits of support, a sense of community and of belonging are positive influences on children and adults alike. By becoming part of a community network, sharing stories, and building supportive relationships, parents are empowered to be focused and thoughtful about parenting.



Our Mission:

The Coop Montessori Preschool establishes the foundation for life-long learning by providing a positive, supportive and thoughtfully prepared environment that cultivates an understanding and appreciation of the world beyond the classroom.

Our Programs:

Our school operates five days a week from 8:15am-12pm.  Students may attend 2, 3, or 5 mornings per week.


In our classroom, students get a lot of individual attention and personalized learning because of our small class size and excellent teacher to student ratio (1:4.5). Our children receive Montessori-based instruction that emphasizes independence, developmental readiness, and student choice.  


Our Policy:

The Coop does not discriminate based on religion, race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, sex, disability, family, marital or financial status, height or weight. All students and families will be given the same rights, privileges, availability to programs, and activities generally accorded to or made available at the school. As long as it is with in our guidelines, The Coop will do what is within our powers to meet the needs of all employees and families. 



Our Teacher:

​Terry Sorrell

I am happy to be in Morehead Head City as your child’s lead teacher.  I have taught Montessori preschool, first, second and third grade.  I have taught kindergarten, first, second and third grade in Wilson and Nash County.  I am Montessori certified and early childhood education certified.

I believe the Montessori classroom is the best environment to meet your child’s unique learning style. We individualize all lessons and encourage  your child to become a life long learner and problem solver.

We welcome parents, grandparents and guess speakers to share their hobbies or expertise with our children.

It is  truly a joy to be with your child.


Our Assistant:

Deborah M. Harrison

Ms. Deborah taught with Mecklenburg County Schools from 1997 through 2017 at Cotswold Elementary, an IB World School and National School of Character. She is a Certified Kindergarten and First Grade Assistant Teacher, and was Lead Assistant Teacher from 2002-2017. Some of her accomplishments include: Mecklenburg Schools Assistant Teacher of the Year 2010, PTA Assistant Teacher of the Year 2016, Small Group Leader (K-1) for Literacy, Reading, & Math.

Ms. Deborah's educational interest is centered on influencing children as they begin their educational experience. Given the significance of first impressions, she finds great reward in loving them first to gain their trust and confidence so that they more readily feel safe to creatively express themselves. From this foundation she has been able to explore each child's individual interests and encourages avenues of education consistent with their unique personalities and interests. Ms. Deborah sparks the children's imagination to encourage thinking, inquisition, and expression.

Ms. Deborah has been married since college and is a loving mother of two intelligent, sensitive, and considerate boys who love the outdoors and have a passion for excellence. SHe enjoys the beach, shelling, camping, reading, and spending time with family.

Call Us: 1-252-646-1790  /  2005 Arendell Street Morehead City, North Carolina  /  TheCoopMontessori@gmail.com


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