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Is The Coop a Certified Montessori Preschool?

Our preschool is not accredited or a "Certified Montessori Preschool". However, our Lead Teacher has credentials in Montessori instruction. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in Pre-K through 3rd grade. Our Assistant Teacher has over 20 years of public school teaching experience in grades K-5 as well. We are very fortunate to have two wonderful, caring, and highly motivated teachers. We call ourselves The Coop Montessori Preschool because we are a small nonprofit cooperative that follows Montessori instruction, mission, vision and values.


What does "Parent-Governed Cooperative" mean?

The Coop was started in 2013 by a group of parents wanting something different and special for their children. Our school is a parent-governed, nonprofit preschool. This means we seek families interested in playing a hands-on role with their child's education and school, which is part of what sets us apart from the surrounding preschools. Our school runs successfully because of our Volunteer Parent Board, comprised of parents/guardians with children currently enrolled at The Coop. The Board drafts all school policies, develops and pursues fundraising opportunities, as well as future growth and expansion goals.

Families are asked to volunteer to help with special fundraising events, community events, coordinating field trips, and/or visit the classroom to read a story or give a special presentation. The only paid employees are our wonderful teachers and the Operations Manager who handles the administrative and record-keeping side of preschool operations. 


What are the dates and times for the school year?

The Coop follows the Carteret County School System's calendar for our school year. We begin and finish each day on our playground where families have an opportunity to play with their children and chat with their teachers and each other. Our day begins at 8:15am and ends at 12:00pm. 


Which days of the week can my child attend?

We offer a 5 day (Mon-Fri), 3 day (Mon-Weds) and 2 day (Thurs-Fri) schedule.


What is the child to teacher ratio?

Our school operates on a ratio of 2 teachers to 9 children. We have one lead teacher and one assistant teacher, both with many years of teaching experience.

How likely am I to get a space for my child right away?

We are a very small school. We have only 1 class of 9 children each day. In any one year we can only accommodate between 12 and 15 children in total (depending on the demand for different schedules). We suggest you put your child on our wait list in advance of when you require them to start.

How do I put my child on the wait list?

Please visit the online form under the "Wait List" tab on this website. Your child will then be automatically added to the wait list.


Does my child need to be a certain age before I can place them on the wait list?

You can add your child’s name at any point. However, please remember that a child must be at least 2.5 years old and completely potty trained by the start of the school year to attend.


What happens if my child is not ready to attend, can I stay on the wait list?

If you are offered a place at the school and your child is not ready, then you can choose to keep your place on the wait list. The school operates a policy of a running wait list, so names roll over from year to year. Please note that if you are offered a place and decline it, this may not mean you are top of the wait list for the following year and the school will not guarantee you a place. Other parents above you on the list may have also opted to roll over their place to the following year.


Do siblings get priority on the wait list?

If you have a student who is currently attending the school, then siblings do get priority on the wait list so that both siblings can attend together. However if your child will not be a current Coop student for the coming year then no priority is given, so you should add any siblings to the wait list via the online form.


Can I visit the school and meet the teachers?

If you are interested in your child attending the school, we ask that you sign them up to the wait list. All wait list parents are notified by email when an Open House event is scheduled. You can attend an event and meet the teacher at that time. If you miss an Open House event and would like to visit the school, please email the Operations Manager to set up a meeting (

Is The Coop associated with a religious group or theology?

Although our classroom is in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, we are not affiliated with the church or any other religious group. We encourage and welcome students to share their religious beliefs with their friends at school. If a child wishes to say a prayer,at snack time for instance, they're welcome to do so. 

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